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best fit medicine

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 Does your body actually tolerate your medication?

Imagine a life with less side effects!

We offer you the most comprehensive analysis of your personal drug metabolism.

So that from now on you only take those medications that you really can tolerate.

You are unique – and you should be treated as such!

What is being tested?

Have you ever noticed that you react differently to a drug than your friends do?
Your genes are unique and not only determine your appearance, but also how your body reacts to medication.

25% of all patients unfortunately suffer from side effects and only 30% of patients respond positively to medications. The reason is in our genes and 90% carry mutations that affect our body’s individual reaction to drug agents! So, once again, do you actually tolerate your medication?

Why PharmGenetix?

  • ANALYSIS of the highest available quality
  • PERSONAL INTERPRETATION performed by a pharmacologist
  • DATA SECURITY with e-banking technology
  • ONLINE DATA ACCESS – PGx-Optimizer

When does such a gene analysis make sense?

An analysis is particularly useful if you are prescribed one or more medications (polypharmacy). In about 34% of all approved drug substances in Austria there is clear evidence from the manufacturers (in a third of them even warnings from the European Medicines Agency (EMA)) not to prescribe the drugs concerned without knowing the pharmacogenetic profile of a patient.
Of the 10 most widely prescribed drug agents, 9 drugs are metabolized differently from patient to patient due to gene mutations, i.e. transported, blocked or dismantled differently.

A pharmacogenetic analysis is especially valuable in the following medical applications:

  • antidepressants
  • blood clotting,
  • high blood pressure,
  • chemotherapy
  • cholesterol,
  • diabetes,
  • gastric protection,
  • infectious diseases,
  • kidney problems,
  • pain

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What should I do if my doctor doesn’t know about this new blood analysis?

As with any new product: few people know that this new test method exists. And even though your physician doesn’t have a lot of experience with pharmacogenetic analyses, he can still be a good doctor. Just talk to him openly about pharmacogenetic analyses and how important it is to you to know how your body is responding to medications. Even the best doctor in the world cannot know your individual drug metabolism without such an analysis. But now it is possible. Medical research thus provides your doctor with all the necessary information to treat you, not according to a standard, but individually with the right medication in the right dosage.

We want you to be as easy as possible to discuss pharmacogenetics with your doctor. That is why we have prepared a conversation guide for you, which will provide you with the basis for your next medical consultation.

How can I get analyzed?


Order an analysis box or visit a partner physician


Taking blood at the doctor


Pharmacogenetic report and dosage recommendation (within 1-2 weeks)

We are there for you

PharmGenetix is not only a one-off test but your companion.

With our PGx-Optimizer, you and your physicians can also make sure, with each future prescription, that your body can tolerate the drug and how it should be optimally dosed.
This can reduce side effects right from the start and maximize your well-being.

What do customers say about PharmGenetix?

“After an accident, I suffered from pain for decades. Of course, I tried every therapy. I even took morphine, but no drug helped without severe side effects. So I decided to rather not take any. Why, I wondered, do we have to take the drugs on the principle of trial and error? Why are there still no reliable methods of analysis?
They exist! PharmGenetix offers them. I just did not know about it. This analysis by PharmGenetix finally showed which painkiller I can take safely. It changed my life, because the pain, the constant care, the expenses, as well as my and my family’s burden are simply over. Even my doctor, who was at a loss when it came to antibiotics and pain medication for me, welcomes this new decision-making aid clearly. I hope many patients will one day be able to report similar things when PharmGenetix has become better known in Germany.”

H.Malik (Germany)