Does PharmGenetix also offer genetic counseling?

Your doctor is our partner. PharmGenetix offers only analysis and results. Always consult with your physician.

Will the results tell me whether I am at risk of developing certain diseases?

We focus on medication. The analyses offered by PharmGenetix currently include pharmacogenetic trials – which test the efficacy of medications. If a predictive statement can be made based on the analyses, your doctor can discuss this with you.

Can I also have samples from other people analysed?

No. The consent of the person concerned is required for an analysis. The doctor’s signature also confirms that the blood sample and the signature have come from the same person.

Minors and persons to whom a guardian has been assigned are exempt. In this case, the consent declaration must be submitted by a guardian or person with parental authority.

If you let others know about the advantages of genetic analysis for optimization of individual treatments, please refer the interested persons to our website (

What happens to my sample after the analysis?

With your consent, your blood sample can be stored in our partner laboratories. Since research in the area of pharmacogenetics is never at a standstill, new mutations are constantly being discovered. PharmGenetix would like to always keep you up-to-date! Approximately every one to two years, you can have PharmGenetix re-test your already available blood sample for new, pharmacogenetic relevant SNPs. PharmGenetix will remind you when this time comes.

If you do not wish to take advantage of this service, you can of course opt out of having your sample kept when you sign your consent form. In this case, your sample will be destroyed after the analysis you ordered is complete.

What distinguishes PharmGenetix from other genetic analysis providers?

A comparison is valid only when like is compared with like. So be careful, since only a few mutations are tested by other providers. With our PGx panel, we test more than 160 mutations that play a central role in the compatibility of medications (this PGx panel is continually adapted to new scientific findings). In addition, we offer a “comprehensive” analysis of CYP2D6, which is the most detailed, in-depth analysis of CYP2D6 available in Europe.

In addition to the number of tested mutations, the quality of the analysis is also crucial. PharmGenetix applies internationally leading quality standards; the analysis is therefore carried out on two different platforms, physically and chemically independent from each other. You can always rely on our quality standards! For more information about this CYP2D6 analysis, please contact us directly.

What is tested?

Genes are sections of DNA, the carrier of our genetic information. Everyone has a unique assemblage of DNA – i.e. an individual genetic blueprint. This blueprint of life is created at conception: chromosomes from the mother and chromosomes from the father exchange small pieces of their genetic information (chromosomal recombination).

Chromosomes are thus passed onto the next generation, which represent a mixture of the genetic material from both parents. This creates new combinations of characteristics and allows for great genetic diversity. During this DNA mixing, different chromosome exchange processes occur.

Through this process, genetic information can, however, be lost, copied several times or additionally modified at selective points. These changes in DNA are called mutations, which can have both good and bad effects. They are a decisive factor in evolution, and the starting point for the transformation and adaptation of living beings to their environment.

Active drug ingredients are absorbed in our body, transported to the right places, converted and excreted. A very complex enzyme system is responsible for all these steps. Since enzymes differ from person to person, they can occur in forms that differ from each other in varying degrees, from slight to extreme. Therefore, we humans may react completely differently to identical medications and absorb them more quickly or slowly, break them down faster or slower, or eliminate the active substances (or their degradation products) more quickly or more slowly.

If active ingredients from medications are broken down more rapidly or more slowly, there is a clear fluctuation in the concentration of active substances in the blood, thus leading to the occurrence of side effects or loss of effectiveness.

What ethical values do PharmGenetix practice?

We are of the opinion that every person has the right to personalized medical treatment that is up to date with the latest research!

Our analyses are only performed after receiving the patient’s written consent. The analysis results and the findings are also your property, meaning only you decide who is able to access your data. Personalized medicine also means individual responsibility in dealing with your own health data.

Furthermore, data protection and ensuring privacy are very important to us. Patient results can be stored at the highest safety level in the patient’s E-Safe at our IT partner, the Austrian company A-Trust. In the laboratory, the analysis result is ONLY stored anonymously, so that there is NO electronic link between the analysis result and the patient.

What is the medical value of my results?

The PharmGenetix result has a very high, fundamental medical value: only through a precise analysis of your DNA blueprint can you ensure that your medications are individually adapted to your genetic profile. The results we provide help your doctor customize your medication to your needs, which leads to maximum benefit and minimal side effects.

Are the analyses performed anonymously?

Yes. As soon as we have received your written consent and blood sample in the laboratory, the analysis is carried out exclusively by means of anonymized coding.

Where are the analyses performed?

PharmGenetix works exclusively with certified laboratories that meet all requirements for GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) and have the necessary accreditation with national agencies and/or ministries (drug and medicine regulatory agencies, etc.).

Analyses for our Austrian customers are conducted exclusively by one of the world’s leading laboratories, PharmGenetix’s own laboratory in Niederalm-Anif, Salzburg. (See partner laboratories.)

How long does the analysis take?

Because your health is important, we strive to perform your analysis as soon as possible. However, since the analysis quality supercedes turn around time, we guarantee that we will send your analysis results to your doctor within 30 working days.

However, you also have the option of requesting an express analysis. For more details, see “List of analyses”.

Is my genetic analysis covered by health insurance?

How much the public health insurance fund or other social security funds pay varies from state to state and country to country. Please contact your institution’s medical service regarding this matter. For those with private health insurance, compensation depends on the terms of your contract and often differs provider to provider.

Will private health insurance pay for my genetic analysis?

How much additional private insurance pays depends on the terms of your contract and often differs from provider to provider. Please contact your private health insurance agent for more information on this matter.

Do I have a right to return PharmGenetix boxes if I change my mind?

Please understand that we cannot accept the return of any analysis set due to hygienic and associated safety regulations.

I don‘t live in Europe. Can I still order the PharmGenetix analysis kit?

Yes, because the preanalytics associated with our analysis kit are designed in such a way that your blood sample reaches us in an accepatble condition even after one week of transport at room temperature. However, since regulations for shipping blood samples differ from country to country, please contact us in advance at

Can I go to any doctor to get blood drawn?

Yes, you can visit any physician of your choice.

My PharmGenetix analsysis kit was damaged during transport. Can I go to the doctor anyway?

No. If your analysis box is damaged, please contact us at:

We will send you a new box as soon as possible.

What do I need in order to have the analysis performed?

For the analysis, you need a PharmGenetix analysis kit. Please order this directly on the PharmGenetix website. Blood collection may only be performed by a doctor or other valid healthcare professional.

How is my account secured and what can I do to keep it safe?

You can secure your results in two ways:

  • Offline: Your doctor will give you your results or you can print your results out and make several copies that you keep in a safe place.
  • Online: You can only access your account using your customer identification number (on your PharmGenetix customer card) and the temporary TAN code (Transaction Authentication Number) sent to your mobile phone. This option is only offered in combination with a PharmGenetix customer card, i.e. with an E-Safe at A-Trust.

Can only my treating doctor look at my results or can other doctors see them too?

You alone decide which doctors you show your analysis findings and results to. However, we strongly recommend that, for any possible prescriptions of medication, you make your doctor aware of your results and give him or her access to the data. This is the only way for your doctor to prescribe the best medication for you.

How often is the TAN code changed for access?

Since the TAN code is only valid for a limited period of time, a new TAN code is automatically sent to you with each access.

How does PharmGenetix protect itself against hacking?

Your analysis data is managed and encrypted by the data security system of Austria’s leading IT security specialist, A-Trust, and can only be brought into a readable form at the PharmGenetix website. Your analysis data is not stored on the PharmGenetix publicly accessible server. It is only stored on A-Trust’s encrypted high-security server.

As soon as my doctor has access to my data, will he or she have permanent access to my results?

No. Access to your data is only possible via a TAN code, which is sent to your mobile phone. The validity of this TAN code is of limited duration and restricted to a single use. After logging out, your data is neither stored on the doctor’s computer nor on the PhGx portal. Your data, of course, still remains secure in your A-Trust E-safe. For each new request, you will receive a new TAN code.

I’ve lost my customer card, what should I do?

Please contact us by email at:

I’ve forgotten my username and/or my password.

Please contact our service desk vie email:

I have technical problems when accessing my account.

Please check if you entered your login data correctly. If you still have problems accessing your account, please contact us via email:

Can I access my account on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes. All you need is an internet connection to access the extensive online services provided by PharmGenetix.

Can I delete my E-Safe at any time?

Deleting your profile on the PhGx portal does not mean that the customer data also gets deleted from your E-Safe. To delete the data in your E-Safe, please contact A-Trust yourself. Since PharmGenetix is not the owner of your account with A-Trust (this is personally owned by you), PharmGenetix cannot request the deletion of the data.

Can I print out my results or send them in an email?

Whether or not you print your results is entirely up to you. PharmGenetix will send you the results by mail – on request – after you have consulted with your doctor. You can also store the results in an E-Safe operated by our IT security specialist, A-Trust (with a PharmGenetix customer card). This allows you to access your results online at anytime and anywhere via the PharmGenetix portal.

Can my doctor access my data stored with A-Trust without my consent?

No. To access your data, your doctor needs a current TAN code. This TAN code is only sent to your mobile phone, is valid only once and cannot be used for any further logins. In order to revisit your online results, a new TAN code must be requested, which is sent exclusively to you

What technical requirements are there for using my PharmGenetix account?

All you need is a mobile phone for sending the TAN code, and internet access. You can view your results using a computer, notebook or smartphone.

You create a login; thereafter your findings are stored in your A-Trust E-Safe. You can request your data using your login and the code on your customer card. By entering the TAN code, which is sent to your mobile phone (similarly done for e-banking), your data is decrypted and becomes visible.

Who has access to my results?

You alone decide who has access to your results. In order to provide you with the highest electronic data security, PharmGenetix cooperates with the Austrian security specialist, A-Trust. A-Trust GmbH is an Austrian company offering services for secure communication in the digital and mobile world. It provides maximum safety standards that comply with all EU directives, regulations and laws. The focus is on confidentiality, integrity and comfort as well as the issuance of secure digital signatures. A-Trust’s practices are based on the Austrian Signature Act as well as European directives, and it is an accredited certification provider for qualified certificates in Austria and Liechtenstein. A-Trust is subject to regular inspections by Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH. For more information, see: