Become an even better physician!

Do you regard new developments in the field of diagnostics and therapy as a personal challenge and as an opportunity? Would you like to treat your patients not only well, but optimally? Do you claim to be a very good physician?

PharmGenetix now provides you with the information you did not previously have, and thus the ability to treat your patients individually and precisely.

High-end quality

Only with high-quality analyses one can rely on the results.

Clinically actionable reports

Easy-to-read results that can be implemented immediately.

Data security

Online results with interactive medication check with e-banking security.

Certified laboratory

Our laboratory is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and ISO 15189 verified.


Keep up to date with ongoing education and latest information on pharmacogenetics.

Avoid liability

Ensure yourself by treating your patients according to their phenotype! *

*As 12% of the medicines authorized in Europe contain precautions / warnings in their SmPCs, a pharmacogenetic analysis should be carried out before the prescription.

How to become a partner doctor

  1. Application
    Contact us! Our team will be happy to answer any questions and discuss all the details and next steps with you

  2. Training
    Visit one of our courses or get a private training to learn more about pharmacogenetics, the correct interpretation of our analysis results, and the optimal adaptation of treatment plans.

  3. Analysis boxes and information material
    Once you have attended our training, we will provide you with analysis boxes (blood collection kits) and informational material for you and your patients. And off you go!

Advanced PGx Training

Pharmaceutical companies have been rigorously aligning their research strategies with molecular genetic biomarkers for years, so the majority of future drugs have genetically based traits (biomarkers) that need to be tested before prescribing. But even for already approved active ingredients such (pharmacogenetic) traits exist. Many physicians do not know that their liability risk increases if they do not have a pharmacogenetic analysis before prescribing certain medications.

We offer training and continuing information to keep you up to date!

Higher qualification with PGx

PharmGenetix provides you with information that you just could not have known so far. The knowledge of the genetic profile of a patient makes it possible to find exactly the optimal drug in the optimal dosage right from the start – without tedious trial and error. You can offer your patients a precise and therefore low-side-effect therapy and thus become a better physician!

Registration – contact us for more information

Become a PharmGenetix® partner physician now! Contact us and learn more about the services and offers of PharmGenetix.