Healthy employees – healthy company

In companies, illnesses of key employees and executives are always a reason for canceling appointments, improvisation, disruptions in business processes, delays in projects and assignments, etc.

In addition to the personal desire of the affected employees to recover quickly, it is in the interest of all organizational members to minimize the time of the loss of work as much as possible. Therefore, more and more companies offer occupational health care programs.

Faster and more targeted to success

A pharmacogenetic analysis allows you to know your body’s individual reactions to drug substances in advance.

  • Learn how you respond to certain medications
  • Find the best medication for you faster
  • Reduce your side effects
  • Get back to your well-being more quickly

So far, physicians could only “guess” which drug would suit your individual metabolism. If there were side effects, they tried the next drug and the next and the next.

Pharmacogenetic tests can now show immediately whether the dosage of a drug should be adjusted and which drugs should be avoided in your personal case.

When does such a gene analysis make sense?

An analysis is particularly useful if you are prescribed one or more medications (polypharmacy). In about 34% of all approved drug substances in Austria there is clear evidence from the manufacturers (in a third of them even warnings from the European Medicines Agency (EMA)) not to prescribe the drugs concerned without knowing the pharmacogenetic profile of a patient.
Of the 10 most widely prescribed drug agents, 9 drugs are metabolized differently from patient to patient due to gene mutations, i.e. transported, blocked or dismantled differently.


A pharmacogenetic analysis is especially valuable in the following medical applications:

  • antidepressants
  • blood clotting
  • chemotherapy
  • cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • gastric protection
  • high blood pressure
  • infectious diseases
  • kidney problems
  • pain

What are the advantages?

 Your employee can give your doctor an information that was previously unavailable to him. This knowledge is important and makes an individual and precise therapy possible.

  • Individual efficacy and tolerability of medications
  • Dosage recommendations to avoid/reduce side effects
  • Information about unproblematic/avoidable drug combinations based on an individual metabolite profile
  • shorter path of suffering
  • faster recovery

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How does it work?

Over 90% of people have gene mutations that directly affect the activity of enzymes and proteins responsible for drug metabolism and transport. Here, the type and number of mutations that a person carries within him, decide whether an active ingredient is degraded (metabolized) faster or slower. This results in different reactions to medication, as well as unwanted side effects.

PharmGenetix tests this individual activity of your enzymes and can tell you how your body metabolizes drugs and how to minimize side effects.

Our high-quality, science-based analysis allows you to receive the individually most effective medication in precise dosage from your doctor for each future prescription. Your pharmacogenetic profile does not change throughout your life, therefore you do not need to repeat this test every time you get a new prescription.

Take advantage of our services

  • ANALYSIS of the highest available quality
  • PERSONAL INTERPRETATION performed by a pharmacologist (including dosage recommendations)
  • ONLINE DATA ACCESS with e-banking data security standard

We are there for you

PharmGenetix is not only a one-off test but a companion and therefore perfect for prophylaxis analysis.

With our interactive medication check, your employees and their physicians can make sure that their body can tolerate the drug substance and how it should be optimally dosed for each future prescription. This can reduce side effects right from the start and minimize sick leaves.