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The right medicine right from the start

About half of all people over the age of 65 belong to the group of polypharmacy patients, that means people who need to take several medications at the same time. But each one of us reacts differently to drugs.

A pharmacogenetic analysis is of great importance when you have to take antidepressants, antidiabetics, drugs against blood pressure or cholesterol, pain relievers, chemotherapeutics, stomach protection or drugs for infectious diseases.

Why is there so much medication?

Often, new medicines are prescribed without altering the “old ones”, ending unsuccessful treatments or, after improvement, putting the tablets off. Side effects are not recognized as such and other drugs are prescribed to alleviate the side effects. The consequences of taking many medications are accumulating changes and side effects as well as insufficient consideration of the effects and metabolism of medicines. This can very often cause negative side effects. Expensive and recurrent visits to the doctor and pharmacist are required. “One drug for all” no longer applies. A genetic test will allow you and your doctor to determine the most optimal therapy for you from the start.

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A pharmacogenetic analysis is of great importance when your drugs are:

  • ANALYSIS of the highest available quality
  • PERSONAL INTERPRETATION performed by a pharmacologist (including dosage recommendations)
  • ONLINE DATA ACCESS with e-banking data security standard

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How does it work?

Over 90% of people have gene mutations that directly affect the activity of enzymes and proteins responsible for drug metabolism and transport. Here, the type and number of mutations that a person carries within him, decide whether an active ingredient is degraded (metabolized) faster or slower. This results in different reactions to medication, as well as unwanted side effects.

PharmGenetix tests this individual activity of your enzymes and can tell you how your body metabolizes drugs and how to minimize side effects.

Our high-quality, science-based analysis allows you to receive the individually most effective medication in precise dosage from your doctor for each future prescription. Your pharmacogenetic profile does not change throughout your life, therefore you do not need to repeat this test every time you get a new prescription.

What are the advantages?

You can give your doctor an information that was previously unavailable to him. This knowledge is important and makes an individual and precise therapy possible.

  • Individual efficacy and tolerability of medications

  • Dosage recommendations to avoid/reduce side effects

  • Information about unproblematic/avoidable drug combinations based on your individual metabolite profile

  • shorter path of suffering

  • faster recovery

Our products

We offer a variety of analyzes depending on whether you want to know your body’s response to drug agents for a specific treatment or multiple medical applications.
Our employees are here to help you find out which analysis would be most useful for you and to clarify the details and prices of the respective analyzes.
It is important to understand that this analysis helps your doctor to immediately prescribe the right medication for you in the dosage that is right for you. Without trial-and-error testing and waiting for a drug to work.

  • PGx Total Care (Polypharmazie):Examination of all important CYPs and transporters, and therefore most medications – for targeted treatment across all clinical disciplines (cardiovascular diseases, psychiatry, gastroenterology, oncology, etc.) Recommended for all patients who take more than 3 medications (polypharmacy, geriatric medicine).

We are there for you

PharmGenetix is not only a one-off test but your companion.

With our interactive drug check, you and your physicians can also make sure, with each future prescription, that your body can tolerate the drug and how it should be optimally dosed.

This can reduce side effects right from the start and maximize your well-being.