Pharmacogenetic analyses are not yet widely spread.

Although the interaction of drugs and enzymes is well known, there are only a few detailed lists of the responsibility of enzymes for the metabolism and/or transport of drugs.

For this reason, PharmGenetix prepared information material that allows you to quickly and easily determine whether a drug is of pharmacogenetic relevance. So you know immediately which enzymes you need to pay attention to if you want to prescribe a drug.

Phenotype conversion:

This information is particularly valuable for polypharmacy. When two or more drugs are administered, enzyme inhibitors and activators, as well as transporters, can cause phenotype conversion. This means that, for example, in the case of an intermediate metabolizer of CYP2D6, simultaneous administration of a CYP2D6 inhibitor can convert the patient’s phenotype to that of a poor metabolizer.

Info brochures

Our information brochures give you a general overview as well as detailed information on the individual application areas of pharmacogenetics.

PGx poster

This poster contains the most important drugs (not all of which have PGx information). They are sorted by enzymes, depending on whether the drug is metabolized or transported by the enzyme (exceptions are HLA-characteristics, which – if positive – dispose of the corresponding active ingredients to side effects) or whether the drug inhibits or activates the enzyme / transporter.

Caution is advised with pro-drugs, which must be metabolized for activation and in an “Ultra Rapid Metabolizer” can lead to an excessive concentration in the blood.

Pocket Guide

This Pocket Guide includes the most important active ingredients (not all for which there is PGx information) – classified according to their ATC code. The ingredients

  • are metabolized or inhibit or activate the enzymes mentioned or
  • are transported by the listed transporter (exceptions are HLA-characteristics, which – if positive – lead to side effects with the respective active ingredients).

Caution is advised with pro-drugs, which need to be metabolized for activation and lead to an excessive concentration in the blood in case the patient is an “Ultra Rapid Metabolizer”.


Our report includes:

  • a summary of all enzymes and transporters analyzed and of their activity
  • dosage advice on indicated medication, depending on the result of the analysis
  • detailed information on the enzymes and transporters analyzed

Explanation of Key Terms

In our index, we have summarized and defined all important terms for you.