Easy-to-understand and applicable report

You do not have to be a geneticist to understand the results of our pharmacogenetic analysis!

We make every effort to present the results of a pharmacogenetic analysis as simple as possible and to reduce the high complexity to a few relevant statements:


  1. What is the phenotype of your patient (What is the activity of his enzymes / transporters)?

  2. Which enzymes must be considered when prescribing the individual drugs?

  3. Are there drug interactions? Do the drug substances block or activate each other?

Our pharmacogenetic report is an easy-to-understand additional information that allows you to precisely treat your patients right from the beginning, in addition to your existing medical experience.

Interactive Medication Check

Regarding all the technical terms, a very fundamental question arises for every user: Which enzyme metabolizes which substance? Our Interactive Medication Check helps you find this out easily!

You can use our Medication Check to search for drug names as well as trade names. It will help you find out if a substance has any pharmacogenetic information or not. If this is the case, our Medication Check will tell you:

  • which substances the drug contains, 

  • through which enzymes/transporters the drug is metabolized/ transported, 

  • if the drug activates/ blocks the activity of any other enzymes/transporters and

  • how active these enzymes/transporters are in your patient’s case.

With this information, you can effortlessly find the right dosage for your patient and optimize the therapy. Please note that more than one third of all drugs listed in the Austrian drug catalog, Austria Codex, already contain such information and sometimes warnings.

The Medication Check is linked to the analysis result of the customer and is therefore available only after an analysis (in the login area after a TAN-Code authentication).

Polypharmacy, personalized treatment plans

PharmGenetix not only offers a one-time analysis report, but also supports you when treatment plans have to be changed. Our pharmacologists are happy to help you optimize a new treatment plan.

Genanalyse Medikamente