Personalized medicine as a web application.

The report of the pharmacogenetic analysis is now additionally available as a digital web application (PGx-Optimizer) with many innovative functions.

As a unique calculation program, the PGx-Optimizer calculates the optimal drug combination for each patient, automatically, interactively and individually optimized according to their phenotype. As a result, there is often an improved drug effectiveness with reduced side effects at the same time.

The basis for this is the pharmacogenetic analysis of patient DNA, the results of which are automatically incorporated into this program software. The PGx-Optimizer illustrates the compatibility of the individual drugs with the individual genes of the patient and offers the doctor a corresponding orientation regarding the choice of medication and dosage.

Best fit medicine. The medication is calculated individually.

Depending on the analysis packages, the amount of information visible varies. While e.B. the packages “Cardiology & Metabolism” or “Psychiatry & Neurology” map the analysis of all drugs of the corresponding disease areas, the “Total Care Package” includes the active ingredients of all diseases.

In addition, the PGx-Optimizer in the Total Care Package not only illustrates the efficacy and tolerability of substances with regard to their own genetic predisposition, but also optimizes drug interactions in polypharmacy patients.

Please refer to the following download option (FAQ) for more information on the functionality of the program.